Dozer Blades

At Headwater Parts we only sell the best new and used attachments available. If our attachments do not meet our strict quality guidelines we will repair and paint them as necessary.

We offer a large selection of new and used dozer blades to meet all or your heavy equipment needs.

Headwater Equipment has dozer blades in stock to fit all makes and models of bulldozers ranging from a Komatsu D155AX-6 to the Caterpillar D11T

Our dozer blades come from trusted manufacturers such as: Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu.

Our selection includes:

  • Single Tilt Dozer Blades
  • Angle Dozer Blades
  • U Dozer Blades
  • S Dozer Blades
  • Dual Tilt Dozer Blades
  • Landfill Blades
AT# Model Make
ATE116 Komatsu D475 U Blade Rockland
Woodchip/Coal dozer in like new condition.moldboard only.Blade is 112' high,106" deep and ...
AT040 D6H S Dozer Blade Caterpillar
Caterpillar D6H Single Tilt S bulldozer Blade
AT1133 D6H XL SU Dozer Blade Caterpillar
SU Dozer Blade And Frame For Caterpillar D6H XL bulldozers. Excellent Condition
AT184 826B S Dozer Blade Caterpillar
Landfill S Dozer Blade For Caterpillar 826B Compactors
AT251 826C U Dozer Blade Balderson
Landfill U Dozer Blade For Caterpillar 826C Compactors
AT363 D6R LGP S Dozer Blade Caterpillar
Caterpillar D6R/D6H LGP S Dozer Blade
AT447 D8H U Dozer Blade Caterpillar
U Dozer Blade For Caterpillar D8H bulldozers
AT515 D9N U Dozer Blade Caterpillar
U-Blade, Moldboard Only
AT533 850B Angle Dozer Blade Deere
John Deere 850B Twin Tilt Angle Dozer Blade
AT539 D6R 6-Way Dozer Blade Caterpillar
Caterpillar D6R PAT Dozer Blade, Complete with C Frame