At Headwater Parts you will find a large selection of new and good used takeoff differentials for most makes and models of heavy construction equipment.

AT# Model Make
1V4948 988B Rear Differential Caterpillar
50W, Caterpillar 988B Loader Rear Differential - Cleaned And Checked
2G6010 140G Differential Group Caterpillar
8IV Diff Group, Good Used Checked And Resealed.
2V4898 988B Front Differential Caterpillar
Caterpillar 988B 50W, Used Front Differential. Cleaned and Checked.
3K9450 826B Compactor Differential Caterpillar
Used Caterpillar 826B landfill compactor differential - Carrier
7K9904 992B Loader Front Differential Caterpillar
Used Caterpillar 992B Wheel Loader Front Differential - Good Takeoff
8K0056 826B Compactor Rear Differential Caterpillar
Good Used Caterpillar 826B landfill compactor rear differential, SN 58U173. Shipping weight, 800 Lbs ...