Brand Comparison: SANY vs Caterpillar

We get it. You need reliable machines to get the job done. That means buying from construction brands and heavy equipment manufacturers you can trust. Today, we’re going to compare two powerhouses: the up-and-coming SANY Equipment and industry-defining Caterpillar Machinery, better known as Cat.

SANY Equipment and Caterpillar are both leaders in the construction equipment industry. With so many models and options to choose from, we’re here to help you decide if a SANY machine is right for you.

Which Equipment Line is Right for Your Project?

Before you decide on the make to buy, you need to know what equipment you need! Both manufacturers have dozens of models available. Both SANY and Cat offer excavators of all sizes, telehandlers, lift equipment, compactors, and wheel loaders.

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Your next consideration should be the equipment specifications and needs of your project. Make sure that whatever models you compare have similar load tolerances, power, and capabilities.

What’s the Brand Difference?

The major difference between SANY equipment and Cat is price. While Cat equipment is a tried and tested worldwide manufacturer, becoming a name brand in the United States and Canada, SANY’s heavy equipment line is considerably less expensive, sometimes ringing in at half the price of Caterpillar equipment.

This price difference is a huge consideration to your project, your client, and your bottom line. Half-priced equipment means that with the same budget, you can double your project efficiency when you choose SANY over Cat!

While the American-based Caterpillar’s construction machinery and equipment are manufactured mostly in the United States, the China-headquartered SANY has manufacturing facilities across the world, including the Americas.

Another consideration for many contractors is longevity. You need a machine that will last as long as possible and won’t break down over the winter seasons or lack of use. Both Cat and SANY excel in this department, and Headwater Equipment’s many locations are Alberta and southern British Columbia’s premier equipment service center.

So, What Do We Recommend?

At the end of the day, it comes down to price. When two pieces of equipment can get the same job done in record-breaking time, but one is nearly half the price, the answer is clear. SANY Equipment wins out over the more expensive Cat lineup, if only because of the pricing difference.

Save money, time, and increase your bottom line with the SANY lineup of construction equipment and machinery.

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