• Equipped with a U shaped, 5 section boom. Fully extended length is 161 ft. The boom telescope system has a double cylinder with rope mechanism. The 2-section folding jibs fully extended length is 59ft, an industry leader.

  • The fully electronic control system provides an operator friendly interface, precise function movement and convenient troubleshooting.

  • With a gross weight of 77t, the machine has self-assembly/disassembly technology. The auxiliary hoist, counterweight and front/rear outrigger boxes can be removed for transport. This reduces the transport weight to approximately 52.5t, which meets trans

  • With the output power at 321hp, the T4F U.S. Cummins engine features strength and economy.


130 U.S. Tons (118 Metric Tons) @ 10 ft Radius
Cummins Tier 4F
main boom:
161 ft, 5 section Main Boom
169,791 lbs - 77,016 kg

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