Prep Work Done Right

At Headwater Equipment we take our paint jobs seriously. Have you ever bought a machine and wondered if they painted the machine outdoors?  Well in some cases they do, but in most cases it comes down to poor prep work done on the machine.

For a paint job, some of the most important work is done before the paint is applied.  Prepping a machine in the proper fashion will make all the difference in whether or not your machine has a new car finish or a sand paper finish. Our painters and crew go the extra mile on all machines we paint. Body panels, hoods, stump pans and belly pans are all removed so that the machine can be washed with great care. The machine then has its hoses, windows, site glasses and cylinders, masked off before the machine can be sand and soda blasted.

Attention To Detail

From the blast bay, the machine is then blown off extensively to ensure no sand is on the unit before it goes to the paint bay.  Once in the paint bay, the machine is gone over to make sure there are not dents or dings in the machine that were not removed before blasting.  At that point our paint crew smooths any out imperfections, and applies its base coat before pouring the color onto the machine.

Not only do we paint the exterior of machines, but we also go to great detail to make sure battery compartments, engine compartments and all nooks and crannies get a good shot of paint. In addition to the exterior, our crew also paints the operators station to finish off the like new feeling.
Our Recent Projects

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