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Used Heavy Equipment Sales

Heavy Equipment Sales And ServiceHeadwater Equipment was founded in 1997 as an independant used heavy equipment dealer. But our expertise in the industry began 45 years before that. The founder of Headwater Equipment started his career in construction equipment as a Licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic and went on to own and operate a highly successful road building and oilfield construciton company before opening Headwater Equipment. When it came to heavy equipment for his road building business, he ran only the best and fully maintained it to ensure his daily operations were running smoothly.

Heavy Equipment Service ShopIt is this initial philosophy that served as the foundation of Headwater Equipment. We understand that your businesses reputation depends on the quaility and condition of your equipment, that is why we only sell heavy equipment that we would feel good about using in our own construction company.

We are an independent dealer and as such aren't limited to the makes and models of heavy equipment that we can buy or sell. That means that we can serve the specific needs of each of our customers instead of the mandate of a particular head office.

Headwater Equipment is simply about providing our customers with machines that can:

  • Be taken from our facility directly to the job site
  • Put straight to work
  • Will make our customers money

Our focus is on providing a quality product to our customers to help them grow their business because we know if we help them do their jobs they will show us their appreciation by coming back to us for their next heavy equipment purchase or for mechanical servicing.

Heavy Equipment ShippingToday, Headwater Equipment has satisfied customers on nearly every continent on earth, including North and South America, Australia and Africa and in many different countries including the UAE, Pakistan, India and many others. No matter where our customers are located and no matter what their equipment needs may be, they have come to trust Headwater Equipment as their source for quality, fully inspected, work ready used heavy equipment at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for a quality piece of construction equipment, a heavy equipment attachment or parts for your equipment, Headwater Equipment should be your first call. Contact one of our qualified salesman today and get ready to experience total customer satisfaction.